Characters from 1999

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A "Stardust" Portfolio by various artists!
Artwork to benefit illustrator Charles Vess and his wife Karen Shaffer
Portrait by Stan Sakai
A Fall of Stardust, 1999

(Size: 480x732, 105 KB)

A cameo appearance by Mark Crilley's characters Akiko, Spuckler, Mr. Beeba (and a Poog kimono)!
Art & story by Stan Sakai
Dark Horse Usagi Yojimbo #28
April 1999

(Size: 480x712, 119 KB)

Pin-up by Stan Sakai of Sataoshi Urushihara's characters Shiori, Vic and Carol (with Usagi guest-starring as the discarded ragdoll) appearing in Chirality Book #3
July 1999

(Size: 480x720, 132 KB)
Characters from 1999