Characters from 1998

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A pin-up of dinosaurs from Scott Rosema's land of Kaleodonira on the world of Brevon, by Stan Sakai! (with a flyover by Scott Rosema's character August!)
Pin-up by Stan Sakai
August #1

(Size: 480x709, 104 KB)

A 5-part story of Tom Sniegoski's character Riblet and Jeff Smith's Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures!
Art by Stan Sakai appearing in Bone #30-35 (also appearing in Stupid Stupid Rat Tails: The Adventures of Big Johnson Bone, Frontier Hero trade paperback)

(Size: 507x741, 131 KB)

This cover art was a creation of many artists, both children and professional cartoonists, each adding one bee to the artwork. Can you find the bee drawn by Stan Sakai?
Clan Apis #2
December, 1998

(Size: 480x741, 147 KB)
Characters from 1998