Characters from 1996

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An Areala pin-up comicbook by various artists!
Portrait by Stan Sakai
Warrior Nun Areala: Portraits #1
March 1996

(Size: 480x739, 99 KB)

Alternate cover art to the story of an earthworm named Rib.
Cover art by Stan Sakai
Rib #1
October 1996

(Size: 480x721, 102 KB)

Stan tells kaidan <ghost stories> in the story "The Soul of the Sword"!
Story & art by Stan Sakai
Shi: Kaidan #1
October 1996

(Size: 480x711, 140 KB)

Stan Sakai was asked to write the introduction to a Shi Trade Paperback!
Introduction & art by Stan Sakai
Shi: Way of the Warrior Trade Paperback #2

(Size: 480x787, 172 KB)

Stan Sakai's contribution to the California Cartoons series of editorial cartoons featuring Brad Sherman and his Cartoon Tax Bill

(Size: 480x609, 17 KB)

Stan Sakai's contribution to Amoeba Adventures
Issue 22
May 1996

(Size: 597x459, 52 KB)
Characters from 1996