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Samurai Part VIII

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General Info

First Published: November 1987 by Fantagraphics Books

Comics Which Contain This Story

USAGI YOJIMBO Volume 1, Number 4

USAGI YOJIMBO Book Two: Samurai
(Pages 82-94)

Characters in This Story

Arrayed on the battlefield are the armies of Lords Mifune and Hikiji, along with those that swear fealty to them. the battle is joined and it is soon clear that Hikiji stands not a chance of victory. With this known, Mifune joins the battle personally, signalling the rest of his troops forward.

Hikiji's forces are routed and Mifune's forces press forward however the forces of General Toda do not attack as planned and turn traitor, scything into Mifune's troops. Hikiji's men regroup and rejoin the battle, catching Mifune in a pincer.

Seeing this, Gunichi urges Usagi to flee with him and desert their lord, cursing him for a fool when he stays. Usagi reports Gunichi fallen to his lord and stays with him, attempting to break out of their hopeless situation. Luck seems to go with them until a final volley of arrows takes the life of Mifune. Usagi performs his duty, taking the head of his lord and then becomes ronin. Of Gunichi there was no sign. Usagi did not see him again until the time of the duel.

His tale now finished, Usagi pays the innkeeper and he and Gen make their way into the night.

Samurai Part VII <-- --> The Silk Fair

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