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Shades of Green Part 1

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General Info

First Published: March, 1993 by Mirage Publishing

Comics Which Contain This Story

USAGI YOJIMBO Volume 2, Number 1

USAGI YOJIMBO Book Eight: Shades of Death
(Pages 7-27)

This book contains the first set of the Mirage Issues.

Characters in This Story

In the first part three-issue story-line, Usagi and Gen narrowly escape the Neko Ninja by diving into the rapids. They wash up down in a secluded valley and meet the rat Kakera, who has summoned them to protect the village, which has been cut of by the Neko Ninja.

The Neko Ninja clan heads Chizu and Gunji are arguing over the mission as well as who should be leader. The Komori Ninja spy on them, but are caught, and war is declared between the two clans. Since Kakera failed to summon anymore samurai to him, he summons other help, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Hebi <-- --> Jizo

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