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Grasscutter Chapter 4

Noriyuki and Tomoe

Grasscutter Chapter 3: Inazuma <-- --> Grasscutter Chapter 5: Ikeda

General Info

First Published: February, 1998 by Dark Horse Comics

Comics Which Contain This Story

USAGI YOJIMBO Volume 3, Number 18

USAGI YOJIMBO Book Twelve: Grasscutter
(Pages 127-150)

Characters in This Story

As Lord Noriyuki's procession winds through Geishu lands, Tomoe frets about her lord's safety, even after Councilor Arimura, the Minister of Protocol attempts to ease her concerns. However, it is Tomoe who gives warning of an ambush, and escapes with her wounded lord.

After three futile days of searching, Ryoko has sent Kitanamono to track Usagi, and bring Grasscutter to Lord Kotetsu.

Keiko leaves Inazuma in Priest Sanshobo's care, and returns to Jei.

Usagi is confronted by some of Lord Kotetsu's samurai, and learns the true nature of the sword he found on the shore... just before Kitanamono arrives and takes it from him. Unwilling to leave Grasscutter in Kitanamono's hands, Usagi gives chase.

Gen comes upon the dead men, and follows his friend.

Wounded in the shoulder by an arrow, Lord Noriyuki and Tomoe, afoot, come to a peasant's house. There, Tomoe demands shelter of its owner, the former General Ikeda - an old enemy of Lord Noriyuki.

Grasscutter Chapter 3: Inazuma <-- --> Grasscutter Chapter 5: Ikeda

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