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The Usagi Yojimbo action figure first appeared in 1990 (I think), and was part of the TMNT toy-line. No, Stan did not sell-out Usagi to anyone. The people at Playmates Toys just rented him for about five years. And the people at MWS Animation just rented Usagi for two episodes of the TMNT cartoon show. I personally don't like the figure at all, or the way they portrayed Usagi in the TMNT cartoon. But business is business, and Stan made a hefty profit off of his temporary venture, all the while maintaining the original UY as a quality comic, and not allowing any side-effects from the merchandising. And not only was there profit in it for Stan, but free publicity as well. UY's fandom increased greatly because of the venture. As for this figure, it's not being produced anymore, and NEVER WILL AGAIN... so take a good look! (Sorry if this pic looks kinda nasty, it was hard to scan)

And here's the back of the card, which includes a really cheezy fact-file kind of thing. If you look closely towards the right, you can see where they credited Stan. Too bad he wasn't the one to do the artwork for Usagi... jeez, the kids who were targeted for this toy could have done better! But like I said, that's business... Hey, at least they got the weapons named (and Spelled) correctly. Although, I don't know what the real Usagi would say about a Wacky Weapons Rack...

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