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Character Information
Name: Lord Noriyuki
First Story Appearance: Lone Rabbit and Child
First Issue Appearance: ALBEDO Volume 1, Number 3
Caste: Samurai
Profession: Daimyo
Known Fighting Proficiencies: Kenjutsu
Weapon of Preference: Katana
Anthropomorphic Identity: Panda Bear
Clan Allegiance: Geishu
Famous Quote: None
  The name means (more or less) "written good fortune".

Child lord of White Heron Castle, Lord Noriyuki became the head of his clan after the recent death of his father. Lord Hikiji has designs on the Geishu land and has been behind several assassination attempts, all of which have so far failed. Most have been foiled directly or indirectly by Usagi, who is a valued friend and ally of the young lord.

Despite his age, he is extremely capable and is watched over by his chief retainer Tomoe Ame.

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