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UYD Albedo NR 2 t-shirts - Black editions under development!!
2006-01-29 11:34 by T. Shogun

That's right, we are looking at doing Black Albedo NR 2 t-shirts in additon to the white/gray versions that will be offered. Check out the previews below. We're going to try maximizing the space on the back so the design appears larger. These will be slightly more expensive than the white & gray shirts, but will be worth it! This is the first time the UYD has offered a t-shirt in black. Stay tuned for more details!

Check out these images:

UYD Albedo NR 2 t-shirts - Celebrating the UYD's 10th Anniversary!
2006-01-07 07:52 by T. Shogun

The new Albedo NR 2 UYD t-shirts are coming! Celebrating a decade of the Official Usagi Yojimbo Website, these new t-shirts will feature none other than the cover from Albedo NR 2, scanned directly from the original art (thanks to David "Wily Pueo" Gravatt, who owns the piece). The front features a cool new UYD logo, similar to the UY logo that graces the Art of UY hardcover book. The shirts will once again be carried by the fine folks at Heritage Source. Stay tuned for pricing and ordering info! This new shirt will likely become the definitive UY T-shirt for every UY Otaku's collection. RYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Check out these images:

New 20th Anniversary UY t-shirts from the Dojo
2004-07-21 07:32 by T. Shogun

The new UYD t-shirts are here! Set to debut at the San Diego Comic Con, these new shirts feature the Usagi pose that adourns this website and another drawing from the 80's. This is all in celebration of the 20 years of Usagi Yojimbo (Albedo NR 2 was published in 1984). The t-shirts will be available to order online while supplies last...this shirt will not be available forever, so when we make the announcement, order yours asap! The shirts are being produced once again by Street Image, the same screener who did the first UYD t-shirt (circa 1998), so you can expect a high quality tee. Check out these images:

The shirt will be available in sizes S-XL, white or samurai grey! I am working on plus sizes...hopefully we can convince our store to carry them! Stay tuned for pricing and ordering info.

UYD Newsletter is back
2004-07-20 22:15 by A. Digulla

You can again subscribe and unsubscribe from the UYD Newsletter.

More Fan Fiction
2004-05-01 20:00 by A. Digulla

Completed conversion of my UY story. Enjoy!

Also, there is new fanart: Bruno D'Angelo, John V. Knerr, Darren M. A. Calvert, Jev Emery, Catie Storm, Kyosuke Hayami, Adam Kaluza, plus a new desktop wallpaper by Mattias Johansson.

Well, not really new fan art ... this art has been sitting in my mailbox for almost a year, now :-(

Fan fiction
2004-04-18 20:15 by A. Digulla

ziritrion has finished most of the collectibles, I've started with the Fan Fiction section and the DojoBoard Forum has been updated to phpBB 2.0.8a.

Soon, you'll be able to enjoy all the fan fiction written by UY fans again. Only my 15 part UY story is not (completely) converted, yet, and the Space Usagi stories are still missing.

Fortunately, I have some (well deserved as I might add) holidays right now, so you can expect these to be completed within the next two weeks.

Collectibles are back
2004-03-24 12:30 by A. Digulla

Cool UY Collectibles and Body Art are back. But you already know that, don't you, because you check Recent Updates. No? Tststs.

More Pages and Less XHTML
2004-03-20 22:00 by A. Digulla

ziritrion started working on the Stan Sakai pages. Other Comicbook Characters by Stan Sakai is finished. And XHTML just doesn't cut so I dropped it again.

What's the issue with XHTML some of you may ask. I'll give you an example: Imagine you wanted to create a text with a border on the screen which has the same width as the browser window. That's simply, one might think. But not with XHTML and CSS1.

The problem is something called "box model". Every non-XHTML browser uses this model: The width of the box is the width of the content plus the padding plus the border. Margins are considered "outside". With this model, we can create our box like so: width=100%, padding=5px.

This will give us a box which fills the whole screen but the text will have a 5 pixel padding so it doesn't hit the browser window frame.

Now comes the all-great XHTML made by people who are so smart that we can only fanthom their thoughts. They say "width means just the width the content".


So that means my box above is now browser-window-width + 10 pixels (2 times 5 pixels)!

Now, no matter how wide the user will make the browser window, he will always have a horizontal scrollbar.

So I have now two choices: I can create a website with a fixed width (Hey, I use 1600x1280, what do you use? Can I just scrap the 800x600 users? Cool. What about PDA users with 160x160?) which means that for one part of the visitors, the page will be too wide and for the others, it will look like a stamp with lots of empty screen space to the right.

Or I can give up on XHTML for the next ten years (until all super-modern web browsers have been updated to CSS3 which fixes this problem).

Now guess what I did ...

Personal comment: I like the W3C and the web standards. I've even bought the book "designing with web standards" by Jeffrey Zeldman so I could create a standards compliant website. But things like that make that impossible.

I've now wasted roughly 30 hours on this. 30 hours which I could have spent working on the UYD content instead of stupid web browser bugs. Thanks a lot.

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