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Usagi Yojimbo #142 Nov, 2011
Usagi Yojimbo #143 Jan, 2011
Usagi Yojimbo #144 Feb, 2011
Usagi Yojimbo #145 Mar, 2011
What's in store for Usagi's future?

Usagi Yojimbo #142 - Nov, 2011 "The Ice Runners"

In the heat of summer, tow lords engage in a wager: Lord Ito boasts that his ice runners will deliver ice from the mountains to Lord Motooka's estate to commemorate a state visit from Lord Hikiji. Lord Motooka declares it an impossible feat. Now both lords must act to maintain their honor--one to complete the task, and the other to do anything to see that it fails.

Usagi arrives as an unsuspecting participant to this deadly gamble.

Cover for UY 142

Usagi Yojimbo #143 - Jan, 2012 "Shoyu", part 1 of 2

Usagi arrives in a town just in time to stop vandals from setting a fire. However, the local authorities suspect him of setting the fire himself. Miyagi, the owner of the business Usagi saved, tells him that there is a rival soy sauce manufacturer, Shirato, who is intent on driving him out of business, and has hired a gang of thugs. Usagi, of course, offers to help, little knowing just how deadly the soy sauce business can be.

Cover for UY 143: Shoyu Part 1

Usagi Yojimbo #144 - Feb, 2012 "Shoyu", part 2 of 2

Cover for UY 144: Shoyu Part 2

Usagi Yojimbo #145 - Mar, 2012 "The River Rising"

The rain storms that have plagued the area are in their full fury, and threatens to overflow the river banks and flood a tiny village. Usagi organizes the men to build a levee to hold back the rising river which could inundate the village and destroy their rice fields. Suddenly, bandits swoop into the almost abandoned village and make off with their provisions. Should Usagi and the men go after the bandits and risk a flood, or finish the dike and face starvation?

Cover for UY 145: The River Rising

What's in store for Usagi's future?

Usagi Yojimbo:"Tengu Wars" - A future story arc, which may see print sometime in 2008. Features answers to some of the questions raised in UY #65's "Usagi and the Tengu" story. May also feature Katsuichi! Some interesting questions which may be answered include: Who cut off the Tengu's hand? Was it Katsuichi? Did Katsu challenge the Tengu long ago and win, hence forcing the Tengu to reveal his secrets on sword fighting, making Katsuichi the expert swordsman with the "unorthodox style" that everyone comments on? Katsu even lives like a mountain goblin in a way. Could it be that he has adopted their lifestyle? All this and more will be revealed in this future story arc!!! Interesting factoid: Japan's greatest hero, Yoshitsune, learned the art of swordsmanship from a tengu.

Lady Tomoe's Wedding - Stan Sakai says he merely "planted a seed" when we found out that Lord Ito of the Kojima had a plan to arrange a marriage between himself and the lovely Lady Tomoe Ame. What does the future hold? No one can be sure at this point, but one thing's for certain, we haven't heard the last about this shake up in the pages of UY!

War of the Worlds - Yes you read right! Stan is planning a UY mini-series inspired by H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds. This story is about a small expeditionary party of three ships that the Martians sent to earth in 1628--more than two centuries before their big invasion. Usagi has joined the Geishu clan by this time, and Lord Noriyuki has grown into a fine, capable lord. Lord Hikiji has made his move to overthrow the shogunate, and the county is driven into another civil war. It is during the great battle between the Geishu samurai and Hikiji's forces that the first of the Martian ships crashes into the middle of the field. Stan has some nice images in mind--a huge tripod behind a Japanese castle, Edo being razed, armored samurai attacking a martian ship, and the Neko Ninja (again led by Chizu) infiltrating a tripod. To readers who can't grasp such a wild twist in the pages of UY, Stan says he taken all doubts and concerns into consideration, and the story will fit into Usagi continuity and Japanese history.

Usagi Meets Wei Fong Hung - Stan says he has a story where Usagi meets a Chinese doctor/martial artist (ala Wei Fong Hung) though. That story has not been scheduled yet...stay tuned for more info! Stan Sakai: "[Usagi] will meet a Chinese doctor, modeled very, very loosely on Wong Fei Hung. Yeah, I know. They lived in different time periods, but this is a fantasy."

The Return of Inspector Ishida - UYD Member "Maka" gave Stan a great idea for an Inspector Ishida Mystery, a Hana-fuda crime for Inspector Ishida to solve. "The murderer leaves hanafuda cards in his victims clothes as a clue to why the crime was committed." Stan thought it was a great idea and, with Maka's permission, will be using the story ina future issue of UY!

Usagi Meets Catnippon - What's going on with the much-anticipated crossover between Usagi and Sergio Aragones's Samurai Feline? Stan Sakai: "We [Sergio and Stan] haven't discussed this for such a long time. We wrote up a 6 issue synopsis, but haven't done anything with it. We just don't have the time." So who knows if it will be published...chances are it will, but the question is...WHEN???

Usagi meets Nilson and Hermy - Stan plotted out a meeting between three of his most famous characters...Usagi, Nilson Groundthumper, and Hermy. Fans have been patiently awaiting years for this meeting, even longer than Usagi/Catnippon. Stan even figured out a way around the language barrier (Nilson and Hermy being from Europe) -- and the key is Hermy himself. Stan Sakai: "Nilson and Hermy haven't appeared in years, though I still want to do a crossover story with Usagi."

The Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy - Stan has mentioned that he does plan on doing a few more Nilson stories...stay tuned!

Space Usagi - Stan has stated that he does plan on doing a fourth and final Space Usagi mini-series, quite possibly to wrap up the saga

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