UY Wristwatch

Stan Sakai's samurai character Usagi Yojimbo is now presented by Dark Horse in this fine, functional, wearable form. A very limited edition of 1,000 Usagi Yojimbo watches is being produced.

Each watch is packaged in a sturdy, hand-made, collectible wooden box with the Usagi logo on the cover, and a full-color image of Usagi on the inside of the lid, reproduced from a painting by artist Stan Sakai.

The watch itself features Usagi in silver etching against a black watch face background. The watch face is circled by embossed silver numbers and an etched metal panel with the Usagi Yojimbo logo. The strap is black leather. A numbered certificate of authenticity is included.

Here's a link to the Dark Horse Usagi Yojimbo limited-edition wristwatch webpage.

UY Wristwatch