UY Prints and Poster

Here's the first color UY Silk Screen print, sold in October 1988. It originally sold for $25.00 and was signed and numbered to a limited edition of 200 copies.

Original B&W line art and resulting color print

And here's the second UY SS print, created in February 1992. It originally sold for $60.00 and was also signed and numbered.

The following two prints were done in 1988-1989. One features the first page from "A Quiet Meal", while the other is the cover from UY Vol. 1 #13. These were limited to 150 each. Stan also hand-colored an even more limited edition version of these prints. Those were limited to 50 copies. Both prints are ~11"x16". They were selling for $10 and the colored ones were $25.

This was not a silkscreen but a print made by 1000 Editions, a company in Spain.

This 15th Anniversary poster was made by DHC and given away at conventions in 1999.

The UY 100 poster was distributed free with every 30 copies of UY 100 ordered by distributors

This print featuring the front and back covers of UY 47 & 48 was distributed as a freebie

UY Prints and Poster