Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi: Grasscutter


Kusanagi no Tsurugi, the miraculous grass-cutting sword of the deities. To many, this historical weapon represents one of the most sacred treasures of the Japanese Imperial Regalia. However, for Usagi Yojimbo fans, the existence of the mysterious GRASSCUTTER sword means another epic-length multi-issue storyline featuring everyone's favorite Ronin Rabbit! Not since the incredible Dragon Bellow Conspiracy has there been a saga of such epic proportions. Usagi Yojigreenmbo creator Stan Sakai says the new GRASSCUTTER storyline begins in USAGI YOJIMBO Volume 3, Number 13 and goes on until USAGI YOJIMBO Volume 3, Number 22 - 9 issues! And you can get the whole story in one book in USAGI YOJIMBO Book Twelve: Grasscutter.

The first two issues are actually a prologue to the whole epic, and will deal with the mythical creation of Japan and the origins of GRASSCUTTER. The remaining six issues will see how GRASSCUTTER is involved with Usagi's time.


The GRASSCUTTER Website features exclusive info about this awesome storyline. The Usagi Yojimbo Dojo is pleased to be able to present all UY fans with a chance to get involved with the saga on many levels. Here are some features to help people get more familiar with it:


Glenn I. Masuda presents actual historical data concerning the real-life GRASSCUTTER sword.


Introducing the cast of GRASSCUTTER, featuring some of the most popular UY characters ever

GRASSCUTTER will indeed be the most epic UY storyline ever, making the "Dragon Bellow Conspiracy", "Samurai," and "Circles" look puny to say the least. Stan says he's still not sure himself who all will definitely be in it, but there are some confirmed appearances: Besides Usagi, GRASSCUTTER will feature: Jei and Keiko, Tomoe Ame, Gennosuke, Chizu and the Neko Ninja Clan, Lord Noriyuki, Priest Sanshobo, THE CONSPIRACY OF EIGHT (from UY Vol. 3 #9), and a couple of new characters. Obviously, the physical appearance of Lord Hikiji is still unknown, but his presence will no doubt be felt throughout the story. Visit the "Meet The Players" page for more info. Stan is presently writing the 17th Century part of the story (the last six issues), and hasn't really decided whether or not he wants to include the likes of Inazuma, Yagi and Gorogoro, Nakamura Koji, Stray Dog, Kitsune, Katsuichi, or the Komori Ninja clan at the moment. There are so many characters and so many possibilites, that Stan is taking his time to choose the characters very carefully, making sure each character's appearance is significant to the story, and not just a gratuitious cameo. Obviously, there are several issues which serve as tie-in's to GRASSCUTTER: UY #9 introduces the mysterious CONSPIRACY OF EIGHT and a new character,